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The X25Pro is equipped with GPS technology, making it one of the most stable drones ever produced by Syma. This opens up a range of helpful features, such as a one-button return mode that allows the drone to automatically return to the location from which it original took off. It holds its exact position in the air with GPS, even under windy conditions, meaning you don't need to fight the elements to keep the camera steady. Speaking of cameras, the X25Pro streams a live feed direct to your smartphone via the Syma app, allowing you to see the view from the drone in real time.

Not only that, but the app itself can even be used to plot an automated course for your drone to follow, utilising the GPS technology inside it. All of this is packed with the high quality staples you'd usually expect from a Syma drone, such as 2.4G, one-button take-off and landing, and the latest in gyro-stabilisation technology.
  • Syma drone with GPS connectivity
  • GPS position lock to maintain stability in the air
  • Can automatically return to original take-off location
  • App control with route plotting
  • Live streaming camera
  • Streams directly to smartphone
  • One-button take-off and landing
  • Operates on 2.4G
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries