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StikBot Monster

Coming soon


Unique and easy-to-pose StikBot Monsters with suction cup feet

Blind Capsules include a Monster and collector leaflet


One rare super-scary Monster

Multi-award-winning stop frame animation toy

Perfect for pretend play – collect all of us!

Download FREE StikBot mobile app for iPhone or Android and start making movies

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Join StikBot on a mysterious adventure with new Monsters! Six different Monsters including skeletal Grim, mischievous Goblin, six-legged Insector, Aquafang the monster from the deep, and half-creature Kyron. Surprise – will you get Giggles the rare and super-scary clown? StikBot monsters are just dying to meet you and can’t wait to star in your very own Spooktacular!

StikBot Monsters are easy-to-pose and highly collectable! Great as a fun fidget toy or to spark your imagination in endless pretend play.

Their unique design, with suction-cup hands and feet, allows for easy positioning on any flat surface. This makes StikBot perfect for making stop-frame animation movies using the FREE to download mobile Animation App. Easy-to-use app helps you create a professional movie, with built-in music and sound effects. Available for iPhone or Android. Subscribe to StikBot Central on YouTube for updated daily content including fan-made movies and zany StikBot shows.