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Smart RGB Outdoor Lamp-solar LED lamp


Smart RGB Outdoor Lamp is an environmentally solar LED lamp. Great fun comes from the wonderful light colors at night. A smart remote control manages multiple modes of the light, like rainbow light, pulse light, candle light and so on. Most importantly, the solar battery always keeps the lamp in a good condition shining the life bright

  • Bluetooth Mesh wireless communication technology is one of the most stable technology in the market. It possesses 32 communication channels which means 32pcs LED bulbs can be controlled at the same time. It will be an easy work on management with the center.
  • Base on the most advanced Bluetooth Mesh system with networking function, App can not only connect max 48 lamps, but also make the connection easily through free group control

Products Parameters:

Lamp Power :0.5W

Lamp Current: 15-20mA

Battery Capacity : 1100mA (Li-)

Battery Voltage :3.7 V

Protocol : Bluetooth Mesh

Solar Board Voltage :6 V

Solar Board Output Current : 130mA

Solar Board Charging: 8-10 h

Wireless Transmission : 25m

Waterproof: IP65

Outside Dimension: 155*165mm