Roaming Speed Boat

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  • Cool Model RC High Speed Boat Electric Boat Toy For Racing Game Upgrade

  • 1. Remote control simulation of high-speed boat, beautiful appearance, remote control distance longer

    2. The bow adopts a pointed shape design, which makes the hull reduce the resistance to the boat itself during the sailing process,

        making the sailing faster and easier.

    3. Remote control, support multi-person multi-ship and the same as the receiving signal does not interfere with each other;
    4. Using high-efficiency motors, the use of high-efficiency energy conversion devices is more energy-efficient and powerful than ordinary motors. The speed can reach 25 kilometers per hour.
    5. Large-capacity lithium battery configuration, playing time 15-20 minutes, built-in protection board, charging and discharging is safer.
    6. Forward and backward, turn left and right, freely switch direction, flexible and free sailing experience.