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RC Tank 1:30

  • 2.4g remote control, multi person operation without mutual interference
  • It has forward and backward left and right steering, the turret can rotate 270 degrees, and the sound of simulation tank engine
  • The turret has an automatic clutch. Press the shell key of the remote control once, there will be the sound of firing and the vibration of the inertial motor of the fuselage.
  • The tank has the function of automatic demonstration. Press the button of automatic demonstration, and the tank will automatically demonstrate a set of programmed demonstration actions
  • Programming function: press this key once, the car will make a drip sound, enter the programming function, press other function keys of the remote control, the functions will be programmed into the memory in order, and then press the programming key to automatically enter the programming function play in order, at this time press any function key to interrupt the programming play.