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RC 2.4G 1:10 Speedy Car-Blue

Storm RC Touring Car

It's time for some racing action with the Strom electric ready to run RC touring car. The top speed 16MPH gives a great fun to everybody. Whether you are looking to race your touring car or show it off to its fullest then why not do it in style. The touring car is designed to drive forwards, backwards, turn left and right! Extreme speeds and unbelievable racing power are all part of this car. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and have a blast! Whether you are looking to race your 

Thanks for the latest 2.4G radio technology, it allows up to 10 racing car running at same time without changing frequency.


Full Function Control

Working Front And Rear Shocks

Rear Wheel Drive

Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment

Rubber Tires

Detailed Paint And Stickers

USB charge lead, cuts charging after battery is fully charged (green  light)

High Speed Racing Motor

Top Speed 16MPH 

Dimension: 48X21X11.5CM