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Mystic 8 Ball

Coming soon

Magic 8 Ball fortune teller gadget


Fortune teller gadget shaped like a classic pool eight-ball. The ball is filled with water and contains a multi-face dice, with each side featuring the answer to a question. To use it, ask the eight-ball a closed, yes or no type question and then shake it. Turn the ball over to reveal a transparent window with an answer pressed against it. Answers include "Absolutely", "Consult me later", "Chances aren't good" and several others. This is not only a fun novelty toy, but also a pop culture icon featured in the likes of Toy Story, Friends and The Simpsons.
  • Fortune teller novelty
  • Shaped like pocket billiards eight-ball
  • Answers yes or no type questions
  • Several possible answers
  • Box 9.5cm tall