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A classic steam locomotive model that drives you to the old glorious Industrial Age. First choice for new hands and those who enjoy assembling and modeling.

Gear Drives You Back.

Started by spring-driven engine, LK701 is designed with gear drive mechanism and will whoosh its way out after wound up. Precise laser-cutting parts are fitted well. Take your time, gear by gear, you will see how a quaint vehicle come into being through your own hands.

  • a spring-driven engine with precise gear drive
  • a steam whistle that spins with motion
  • old school outlook reminiscent of great industrial age
  • best choice for new hands of modeling and mechanical lovers

About this item

  • Original Design, Laser-cut Technology - Unique Mechanical 3D Puzzle, Laser-cut ply wood material, no toxic, environmental friendly, smooth wooden board.All pieces are pre-cut, no glue needed
  • Self Propelled Wooden Puzzle- High quality model kits which need your more patience to assemble it.But the English detailed instruction with fairly easy picture will help you a lot. And no battery or other power need, self propelled but you need to use a little wax and the tool provided to make it move smoothly.
  • Creative and Popular Gift - This Mechanical series is a unique and creative gift for your boyfriend, husband, father, your son or grandson who is a model builder or puzzle lover. It looks so cool and creates a decent challenge for an adult. Best choice for someone who enjoys craft-based hobbies.
  • More Focus and Patient for Things - ROBOTIME kit is wonderfully designed, the parts are well-cut, and it does work when put together, but it is somewhat challenging to put together. Do not rush and force anything. Be patient and focus when you assembling this items. It will exercise your patience and attention. And you could paint it after completed as you like. A great project for a family.
  • Mechanical Miracle Coming to Life by Your Hand - What a fascinating thing to see the mechanical miracle coming to life by your own hands. Its so amazing to see the mechanical self propelled moving. Make people back to Mechanical age and let kids know more about the Mechanical and science.
WEIGHT 1.5 kg

Accessories, Metal Spring, Plastic, Plywood








349 pcs