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JJRC H8 RC Drone Headless Mode Mini Drones 6 Axis Gyro Quadrocopter 2.4GHz One Key Return Helicopter

The full features of the H8 MINI four axis aircraft: the 2.4G remote control technology, the gravity induction function, the aerobatic skill and the excellent modeling design, is a flying explorer who dares to fly.

1. Fancy 360 degree spinning flight: A new coming horizontal 360 degree rotary flying gives you a feeling of dancing in the sky. ( Note: When you turn on this spinning function under the headless mode, the headless mode will automatically shut down after 40 seconds.)
2. Equip headless mode (CF Mode): Open this mode, H8 Mini will automatically lock into the take-off direction no matter where it is.
3. One key to return function: H8 Mini can find its way home easily.
4. 3D eversion Function: It can finish the stunt tumbling fly in four directions.
5. 2.4G DSSS controller: Let H8 Mini flies further without other controlling signal interference.
6. 6 axis gyro: For more stable flight and stronger in the wind.
7. LED light: Possible for flying in the dark.