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Click Here! Your wallet will thank you 😉
Click Here! Your wallet will thank you 😉



Collectible emoji charm that helps to personalise and protect cables such as phone, tablet and laptop chargers. Each individual pack is blind bagged and contains one of twelve different emojis, including sick, roll eyes, laughter and many others. Look out for rare charms, like anger and frustration, or the even rarer epic charm that features the heart eyes emoji. Each box of thirty is guaranteed to include at least one rare K-bling (1/30), whereas you will find at least one epic in every two boxes (1/60).

  • K-Bling charm for your cables
  • Official emoji merchandise
  • Personalise and protect cables
  • Blind bagged for a surprise every time
  • Twelve to collect
  • Charms approx. 3cm