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Dice Keeper

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It became a good tradition for the Ugears team to prepare special and amazing add-ons along with main rewards. And the name of this secret intriguing device for tabletop games is Dice Keeper. 



The Dice Keeper is a perfect game accessory that keeps your dice safe and secure, sitting comfortably in individual slots. Designed to store dices  it can also accommodate tiny trinkets, jewelry, miniature souvenirs or secret micro-chips. 

The Dice Keeper (prototype photo)
The Dice Keeper (prototype photo)

The Dice Keeper is a small chest with fine carved ornamentation in a fantasy style. A minimalistic opening mechanism lowers the side panels of the chest revealing its contents.

The model has the shape of a compact cube with 8 compartments to accommodate a standard dice set. A mechanism lifting the walls securely sets your dice inside to prevent from spilling and being lost in transit.

If you are a dice collector, a passionate gamer, or just fond of unique mechanical devices, The Dice Keeper will become your favorite accessory to your table top battles. The Ugears design makes it also a unique décor element, or a great present for your gamer friends.