Licensed Mercedes G63 kids ride on car

  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Working Head Lights
  • Ride Time: Around 1hour depending on kid's weight and surface
  • Suitable for children aged 3-8 years depending on child's size
  • Maximum Speed: 4-7KM/H


the price including P&P fee for each ride on car.


Genuine Mercedes G63 AMG ride  on car with parental control

This electric kids' car is a  realistic scale replica of a real G Class AMG, and is licensed by Mercedes.  Realistic engine start button on the dashboard, press it, and hear the authentic  engine start-up sounds. It also fits 4 soft tyres which reduces road noise and  more comfortable riding on concrete surface.

Optional parental remote  control - The ride on car can be used with the normal in-car controls, using the  pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be  used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate  from up to around 20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering  wheel left and right.

MP3 player input with volume  control - This electric car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard,  allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be  plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. Plugging in a device  disables the in-car sounds. Steering wheel sounds - The steering wheel buttons  include horn and sounds.

Seat belt - This kids' car  has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote  option. Working lights - The front headlights can be switched on and off using  the dashboard switch.

Battery indicator - It has a  battery capacity indicator, you will know how much power the battery has got and  monitor the battery if it needs a charge.



Parental Control

Safety Seat Belt

Sound Effects with horn

Power On/Off Switch

Working Head Lights

Top Speed 4MPH

High/Low Gear

Battery Power Indictor

Foot Accelerator

Soft tyres

Open able doors

Small Assembly Required



Charging time: 8-10 hours

Motor:12V 30Watt

Maximum Speed: 4-7KM/H

Maximum Weight Capacity: 30kg


Ride Time: Around 1hour depending on kid's weight  and surface

Suitable for children aged 3-8 years  depending on child's size


What's in the box:
Selected Mercedes G63 AMG Ride On Car

Quick Assembly Manual

Parental Remote Controller

Recharge Battery

Battery Charger UK