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My World Explore

  • £7.99

    My World Magnifying Glass

    A high quality large dual lens magnifying glass. • Dual lens 5x and 3x magnification• Tough, safe acrylic lens that won’t break•  Age: 3+

  • £15.99

    Wiggly Worm World

    Create your own garden for your worms and watch how they explore and tunnel in their environment. Contains everything you need - just add worms. • ...

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  • £16.99

    Retro Radio

    Fully functioning FM Radio – just press the scan buttons to search for stations. Perfect to take anywhere. Portable sound for all ages. •  Small, c...

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  • £12.99

    My World Dynamo & Solar Torch

    Simply powered by the sun or by dynamo. No batteries required. • Charge by leaving in the sun• Three hours in the sun results in 45-60 minutes of b...

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  • £15.99

    Ant Colony

    Create your own garden for your ants to explore. Discover how ants make tunnels to both work and live in, and observe complex relationships between...

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  • £14.99

    My World Insect Viewer Set

    The 2 way insect viewer allows you to see what’s inside from above or in front. • 3 x magnification• See nature from all angles• Useful handles inc...

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  • £6.99

    My World Compass

    Find your way with this high quality, substantial compass. •  Oil filled compass for added accuracy•  Tough , safe ABS case•  Age: 3+

  • £11.50

    My World Headlamp

    Hands-free, powerful LED headlamp torch. •  Ultra-bright red and white Led Lights•  Red LED to enable night-time tracking without disturbing the wi...

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  • £9.99

    My World Binoculars

    A smart pair of binoculars, with four times magnification. • High quality, and ideal for small hands.• Adjustable focus• Comfortable to hold 4 x ma...

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