Animal Bag-Giraffe Pack

  • Size (mm): 260* 100 * 340
  • Material: 600D polyester PU
  • Pack for Age 3-6 Children.


Giraffe -It is the tallest living terrestrial animal in the world which in habitats in the Africa grasslands and savannas. Its distinguishing feature includes its extremely long neck and distinctive coat patterns on its body. With an amiable and comical face, as well as its love to be close with human beings, it is often well liked by children who would wish to bring it home and hug it to sleep every night! By using animals representing different countries as our theme, decorated with unique and eye-catching 3D effects to capture children's attention, we hope these adorable animal characters can bring a joyous and lasting childhood memory to our young kids. As some of these animals are endangered species, it helps to act as a platform to educate our young generation the concept of protecting our environment and the importance for conservation of our nature.