Animal Bag- Panda Pack

  • Size (mm): 260 * 100 * 340
  • Material: 600D polyester PU
  • Pack for Age 3-6 Children.


Panda -The national emblem of China, there is only about 1,000 left in the world. Its iconic black eyes together with its comically plump figure gives it an adorable appeal to capture one's attention. And now added with 3D features, it will certainly be even more sought after by kids to bring it home. By using animals representing different countries as our theme, decorated with unique and eye-catching 3D effects to capture children's attention, we hope these adorable animal characters can bring a joyous and lasting childhood memory to our young kids. As some of these animals are endangered species, it helps to act as a platform to educate our young generation the concept of protecting our environment and the importance for conservation of our nature.